Some Poems....

I like putting a few lines to paper from time to time...

Soul Conditioning

Adjust and temper: Too cold   -   smile. Too dark  -   a  morning prayer. Too dry    -   a swim in the ecstasy of your heart's delight. Too noisy -   listen to a blossoming flower. Lo, you've now entered the Divine garden.

The forging of a plough

The many dig, beat and shape, Now ready to sing and dance through fertile soil. The sweeter the song, The deeper the furrow, The greater the till, The plough will follow.

Our thoughts

the building blocks of our hello's and good-byes and everything between


Let the I's and me's give way to the mountain reaches of the joyous universe We-become-one Strife-become-an-illumined-journey

On my feet

I wander through life with the uncertainties of a newly born foal taking its first step getting to my feet I reflect for a while Thank God I am now standing I look around  - the wonder of it all Let me run and fly in light and hope for now I see that doing is becoming