Poems written in an airport

Sometimes waiting in an airport has its uses....

Here are two poems I wrote whilst waiting for my wife Mangala as she was returning from Thailand where she was visiting with Sri Chinmoy and his students.

The fragrance of a flower

The fragrance of a flower.
Ecstasy in flight,
all senses flooding in pure joy.
Waving and rolling in the meadow breezes,
your beauty tranquilising all thoughts and beings.
From one to the next, your purity carving open years of concrete decay.
Peeling back and unfolding a canvass crying, perspiring and bleeding with delight.
Planning for tomorrow, you seed the air for next time round more to be inspired.

Muses of a mind waiting

And why – if it can be
Mine to mine, mind gone
Hunger mother father gone
Creased life – puzzles to unfold
Runway – to land or to take off?
Heart – attack or grace?
Havings – voids of silenced noise
Raindrops stopped in the air – join the dots and what do you see. Look in the mirror.
Many lights, many shadows, your choice.
Chutneys, pickles and wine – good food gone bad!
Hyperbolic parabaloid – creativity gone mental
A stitch in time. Who’s time? Too late.
Steam: life gone hot under pressure.
Vision – perception articulated
Fate – life ordained by faith
Faith – life ordained by fate
Door opens – nobody there, that’s life
Decoration – inspired concealment of failed detail
Precision – needed for watches, wanted by formulae and scripted for symphonies.
Crystal – many reflections, your choice.